Summerville Plants

Summerville Plants grows plants people enjoy for a long summer. Blossoming garden plants that grow and bloom perfectly in patio pots or balcony boxes. Eye-catchers that decorate your balcony or terrace for a long summer with abundant blossoming. The Mandevilla can continue to bloom until the first frost in November or December.

Every year, in the months of March through June, the plants are for sale at florists, garden centers and chain stores throughout Europe. The company strives to grow beautiful plants that sell themselves.

Balcony and terrace plants provide a natural experience during moments of relaxation in your garden. This naturally includes a sustainable and environmentally friendly production method. Summerville Plants has extensive experience with integrated pest management with biological preparations and pesticides

Summerville Plants offers a wide range with many different pot sizes and plant shapes. Because of this wide scope, there is a plant for every garden-lover fitting their taste. Some examples of the plants that are grown: Mandevilla, Patio Roses, Thunbergia, Portulaca, Agapanthus, Fatsia and Monstera.

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